The Celtic Kitchen

Preserving the Pick of the Island


The Celtic Kitchen is a family run business on the Isle of Anglesey; we use locally grown produce and forage for wild foods to make a wide range of delicious preserves and chutneys. All of our products are hand prepared in small batches using traditional methods, usually by one person from start to finish.

We have a great interest in using heritage varieties of fruit, the rarer the better, and love to promote the use of all things grown locally. We pick wild fruits and berries from the Island's hedgerows and gather other goodies from the seashores all of which are put to good use in our kitchen.

High fruit contents and lower sugar levels in our jams and preserves allow the naturally intense flavour of the fruit to come through. We produce over fifty seasonal varieties throughout the year keeping a keen eye open for that first ripe blackberry or elderflower head ready to bloom.

We are always coming up with new recipes, or finding old favourites that have been forgotten. Visit our in the kitchen page to see what we are picking and making at the moment.

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